June 19, 2019 —

Riskonnect ClearSight 19.0 introduces new GRC and predictive modeling capabilities, delivering more value for customers in their integrated risk management journeys

Riskonnect, the leader in integrated risk management solutions, today announces Riskonnect ClearSight 19.0, the latest version of its integrated risk management platform. The iteration comes with two major expansions and is part of Riskonnect’s new platform integration strategy, FoundationONE.

Designed to accelerate time-to-value for customers with a common user experience and blended ecosystem of new and available capabilities, FoundationONE reinforces Riskonnect’s Platform Promise commitment to its customers during the company’s acquisition of Marsh ClearSight, LLC in July 2018. The strategy is to eliminate low-value migration initiatives and protect existing customer investments as Riskonnect’s offering expands. As part of this effort, independent component assets – new applications, modules, or devices – will be seamlessly integrated with interactivity across workflows, analytics and more, without requiring migration activity from customers.

“Our vision is that Riskonnect’s FoundationONE approach will eliminate common integration pain points by supporting the products our customer base currently uses, while providing access to expanded integrated risk management capabilities,” said Andrea Brody, chief marketing officer of Riskonnect. “By consolidating all areas of risk – strategic, operational, reputational, and more – under one data store, risk professionals get a new view of risk and are better equipped to identify and address its impact across the entire organization.”

Customers receive two major enhancements with Riskonnect ClearSight 19.0:

  • Access to Riskonnect’s GRC Suite, including capabilities for Enterprise Risk Management, Vendor Risk Management, Internal Audit and Regulatory Compliance, which offers customers more value and choice in their integrated risk management journeys.
  • A predictive analytics Workers’ Compensation Severity Model that identifies potentially adverse claims early in their lifecycle. The models pull data from millions of workers’ compensation claims from a variety of industries and factor in key aspects – age, gender, body part and jurisdiction – to calculate a severity score that enables risk managers to identify the financial impact and quickly mobilize the right resources to improve the outcome.

For more information on Riskonnect’s integrated risk management offering, please visit here.