Integrated Risk Management Solutions

Riskonnect solutions put risk under one roof to help you make better decisions faster.

How at risk are you?

Risk is risk – insured, noninsured, strategic, or operational. Anything that could harm your organization, its competitive position, or strategic growth needs to be anticipated, assessed, addressed, and acted upon.

Riskonnect’s integrated risk management solutions make that possible by bringing all forms of risk together under one roof for an unobstructed view so you can see just how at risk you are.

Our software connects people, systems, and data for the clearest view of risk across your extended enterprise. Built on a secure, cloud-based platform, Riskonnect puts everything you need to manage risk right where you need it, when you need it. You can make smart decisions that reduce risk and cost – and maximize opportunities.

Get those integrations. Any process you can think of that you want to implement, any offering by Riskonnect, think about the data that you’re going to need and what that foundation’s going to look like. Try to build that from the start so there’s no rework. It pays off in the long run, as it did for Randstad.

Trey Braden
Director of Risk Management Technology and Information Systems
Randstad North America

Riskonnect gives you the visibility and intelligence to plan for – and respond to – all risks that could damage:

  • Your organization
  • Your competitive position
  • Your reputation
  • Your strategic growth

Every Riskonnect solution is powerful on its own, but the real magic happens when you use them together.

Riskonnect Reduces Costs—in Both Time and Resources

Forrester Consulting completed a Total Economic Impact™ study of a Riskonnect customer to quantify the potential ROI of implementing an integrated risk management solution. The report identified:

  • $442,975 in total savings, including deprecation of old systems
  • 10% improvement in claims processing efficiency
  • 40+ hours per month in time savings

The Hunt for Hidden Risks

The types of business risks that provoke the worst insomnia seem to explode into reality without warning. Download this white paper to learn about the nature, impact, and mitigation of hidden risks with wisdom culled from the industry experts featured in our Risk@Work webinar series.

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