Riskonnect for the Financial Services Industry

Riskonnect software integrates risk data, analytics, and insight to give you a leg up on the competition.

Financial services organizations are under constant pressure to manage constantly evolving risks, comply with ever-expanding regulations, protect customers, and achieve profitable growth. At the same time, regulators are closely scrutinizing risk and compliance systems and levying big fines on those deemed too disconnected to be effective.

Do you have the processes, people, and technology in place to stay on course?

An Integrated Approach to Managing Risk and Compliance

Riskonnect connects the dots between all types of risk – insurable and noninsurable, strategic and operational – so you understand what you’re facing, how everything interrelates, and the cumulative impact on the organization.

The software breaks down silos, automates manual processes, and improves response time. For the first time, you can see the full impact of a single risk event on the entire business. And all of that intelligence is right at your fingertips.

With Riskonnect, we have one source of truth. We are able to provide reports to leadership in turnaround times that were previously unheard of. We can get it to them within hours, as opposed to days.

Ameriprise Financial, Inc.
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Find answers – fast.

Everything you need to identify, manage, and mitigate risk is all in one, easily accessible place.

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Get more done.

Routine processes are streamlined and automated so you can spend your time where it matters most.

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Make better decisions.

Riskonnect gives you the intelligence to identify and respond to evolving risk, stay compliant across the board, and make informed decisions that will add value to the business.

Every Riskonnect solution is powerful on its own, but the real magic happens when you use them together.

The Riskonnect financial services community includes:

Fortune 500 financial institutions
of the 15 largest banks
financial institutions
enterprise risk management for the financial industry
Banking on Balancing Risk and Opportunity: Enterprise Risk Management in the Financial Services Industry

This e-book explains what ERM is, why it’s important in the financial services industry, and how to begin holistically managing risks and opportunities in a truly integrated way.

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