Risk Analytics and Insights

Riskonnect’s risk analytics software puts decision-ready risk intelligence at your fingertips.

Understand the story behind the data. Visualize complex data to quickly answer critical business questions.

Build meaningful reports for every audience. Board members, executives, and risk professionals can easily get the information they want to see.

Customize dashboards. Keep your finger on the pulse of your key metrics and processes.

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Product Highlights

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Deliver Decision-Ready Insights

How are you supposed to dive into analysis if all your time is spent responding to requests with makeshift reports that take forever to cobble together? Riskonnect’s Risk Analytics and Insights software is designed to build reports easily, so you can spend your time on more important things – like turning data into action.

  • Surface relevant risk information from wherever it’s hiding in your organization.
  • Connect risk information with other relevant internal and external data into a single source of truth to collaborate around.
  • Create reports – standard or customized – using a range of visual styles and formats to suit every audience.
  • Present information using traditional reporting styles when detail is required.

My favorite capability is insights. What it does for us in terms of providing us with insights is phenomenal. Riskonnect does a really nice job of helping us aggregate information and turn it into actionable data insights that we can use. I’m confident we’ve not only saved lives, but we’ve saved a lot of money.

Chris Henrichsen
Risk and Litigation Officer
Discount Tire

Do It All Yourself – Or Get the Help You Need

Who has time to wait for IT to configure a one-off report – especially if it’s the C-suite demanding the information? Riskonnect’s Risk Analytics and Insights software is designed to be easy for anyone to use – no specialized data-analyst skills required.

  • Speed up response time with a wide range of out-of-the-box reports.
  • Build reports around your needs with a drag-and-drop interface.
  • Design your own dashboard to give you instant access to the answers you need.
  • Share with others in your organization and collaborate online over important questions.
  • Get expert help when needed.
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Visualize How Everything Works Together

How can you get a big-picture view of risk when you’re only able to see one part at a time? Riskonnect’s Risk Analytics and Insights software is designed to connect and communicate risk information help you make smarter, faster business decisions.

  • Forecast possible outcomes with predictive analytics and scenario modeling tools.
  • Seamlessly integrate any data required from other technology solutions.
  • Use flexible design tools to convert complex data into meaningful, highly interactive visuals to engage all stakeholders in the decision-making process.
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