Business Continuity & Resilience

Riskonnect’s business continuity software helps you prepare for threats and minimize disruption to operations.

Instantly access dynamic business continuity plans. Manage business continuity and operational resilience from one centralized location that automates regular reviews and approvals.

Replace uncertainty with confidence. Identify hidden vulnerabilities and program gaps that could derail your response and recovery strategies.

Effectively respond to a disruption. Secure your response team in real time with live situation reporting, online plan activation, and timely communication.

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Business continuity and resilience solutions

Product Highlights

An independent analysis by GRC 20/20 Research estimates that organizations using Riskonnect’s Business Continuity & Resilience software can annually save time and labor costs of approximately:

for large enterprises
for medium enterprises
for small enterprises
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Expose Hidden Vulnerabilities Before They Take You Down

Has business as usual lulled you into a false sense of security? Riskonnect’s Business Continuity & Resilience software helps you cut through the noise to identify – and eliminate – hidden vulnerabilities.

  • Create an end-to-end digital model of your organization to understand obligations, dependencies, and vulnerabilities.
  • Identify plausible disruption scenarios and model the impact on important business services.
  • Stress-test your plans against disruption scenarios to expose gaps in response and recovery methods.

Riskonnect has been a critical resource in helping us navigate the many challenges of business continuity management. Everyone at Riskonnect has been extremely knowledgeable and great to work with.

Steve Smith
Head of Group Security and Safety
Micro Focus

Close the Gap Between Readiness and Response

When a crisis hits, who has time to dig through files to find the current response plan? Riskonnect’s Business Continuity & Resilience software provides built-in crisis management and emergency notification tools, so you can confidently respond when it matters most.

  • Instantly activate your response plans, track and manage tasks, and collaborate securely with encrypted chat.
  • Drive emergency communications with embedded, enterprise-grade notification tools.
  • Manage crisis coordination and emergency notifications straight from your mobile device.
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Focus on Strategy,
Not Paperwork

Does strategic thinking get edged out by entering data into spreadsheets and other administrative tasks? Riskonnect’s Business Continuity & Resilience software automates your program and integrates business continuity into your everyday operations, giving you more time to tackle important strategic projects.

  • Drive efficiency by leveraging a single, user-friendly system for operational resilience, business continuity, crisis management, and emergency notifications.
  • Seamlessly share information and reduce human error by connecting to gold-source data repositories.
  • Streamline administrative tasks with prebuilt functionality, workflows, and templates based on best practices.

Stay Ahead of Emerging Regulations

Struggling to keep your resilience plans up to date with new regulations? Riskonnect’s Business Continuity & Resilience software helps you comply with ever-increasing regulatory requirements around preventing disruption and maintaining service continuity.

  • Leverage out-of-the-box alignment with ISO 22301, including corrective actions and management reviews.
  • Develop meaningful scorecards, dashboards, and reports that summarize key performance and risk indicators for internal and external stakeholders.
  • Decrease disruption, increase readiness, and lower your risk to critical business operations, revenue, and brand.

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Business Continuity & Resilience Software

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Your Business Continuity & Resilience Software Questions Answered

Business continuity software is a tool to organize and automate an organization’s continuity and resilience activities. It aggregates all business continuity and operational resilience plans from across the organization into one centralized location to improve consistency and alignment with overall strategy. It helps you eliminate redundancies and identify gaps that could leave you vulnerable. Technology also can help prioritize actions and minimize risk by facilitating collaboration and integrating continuity into regular decision-making.

Riskonnect’s Business Continuity & Resilience software offers a variety of specialized features and functions – like emergency notifications, crisis management, and threat intelligence – to automate reviews and approvals, establish impact tolerances, achieve compliance, and communicate securely under any conditions.

Time is of the essence when a disruption hits. Organizations that view preparedness in pieces – by department, location, business unit, etc. – waste valuable time and resources figuring out what and who is impacted and what should be done about it. Software helps ensure your business continuity plans are clear, coordinated, tested, approved, and ready to go the instant something happens. Business continuity software also makes it easy to provide metrics that will assure leaders that the business can continue to operate even under disruptive conditions.

Look for business continuity software that is easy to use, accessible, reliable, and secure. Even the most casual users should be able to easily make changes and updates to plans without extensive upfront training or an annual refresher

Riskonnect is designed to seamlessly connect risk data of all types across your organization. We also offer APIs (application programming interface) to easily import and export data and out-of-the-box integrations with specialized partners to help you get the most from your data as efficiently as possible.

Pricing depends on the size and complexity of the project and how much customization you require. We offer three industry-leading implementation options at different price points to fit your budget, while achieving your business objectives as quickly as possible

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