Operational Resilience

Riskonnect’s Operational Resilience software strengthens your ability to prevent, withstand, respond to, and learn from operational disruptions.

Simplify compliance. Meet regulatory requirements – including those from the Bank of England – and document compliance artifacts automatically.

Know where you are vulnerable. Get a comprehensive view to understand your weaknesses, so your crisis management and business continuity teams can better plan.

Prioritize your actions. Identify your most important business services, impact tolerance metrics, and severe, yet plausible, disruption scenarios for clear and confident preparation.

Product Highlights:

Visualize the Impact of Disruption on Your Customers

What would happen to your customers – and the market – if your services were disrupted? Riskonnect’s Operational Resilience software defines your customer segments and digitally illustrates the impact of a disruption, including obligations and expectations that could otherwise be missed.

  • Map your customer segments to specific obligations, delivery channels, products, and services.
  • Track important details about each product and service in one place to understand which customers are served by each and how you facilitate delivery.
  • Understand the downtime impact on customers, the market, and internal operations with visual impact profiles that scale from minor to catastrophic over time.

Expose Hidden Vulnerabilities

Do you have the visibility to easily identify gaps in your program where undetected risks could be hiding? Riskonnect’s Operational Resilience software gives you a holistic view so you can see your weaknesses and shore them up before they cause trouble.

  • Identify likely sources of disruption with potential catastrophic consequences and connect them to specific business services to model impact and vulnerability.
  • Stress-test a plan or exercise against a plausible scenario to expose any gaps or misalignments in your response and recovery methods.
  • Easily pull out actionable insights from the data collected.

Generate Reports that Resonate with Executives

Can you prove the value of your business continuity and resilience program? Riskonnect’s Operational Resilience software offers robust reporting to demonstrate you’ve done all you can to protect the organization.

  • Use “what if” modeling to visualize relationships and business service-level analysis.
  • Customize dashboards to focus on products and services, displaying all the linked activities, applications, locations, and suppliers.
  • Measure resilience based on customer pain and product and service availability to give powerful context for senior leaders.
Need help navigating the operational resilience regulations worldwide?

Download Riskonnect’s Operational Resilience: Navigating the Global Regulatory Landscape to understand jurisdictional regulations, common best practices, and how to apply these concepts in a practical way.

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