Environmental, Social, and Governance

Riskonnect’s ESG software simplifies ESG data collection, analysis, and reporting across your organization and supply chain.

Connect ESG data from wherever it resides. Efficiently manage ESG risks with centralized and automated data collection and administration.

Track and report Scope 1, 2, and 3 emissions. Easily calculate carbon emissions from your operations and supply chain to streamline reporting and auditing.

Know your ESG risks in your supply chain. Continuously monitor your operations to detect and eliminate risks with real-time insights, alerts, and controls.

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Product Highlights:

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Make ESG Reporting Easy

Intimidated by the sheer volume of data, people, and systems needed to create ESG reports? Riskonnect’s ESG software automatically captures data in line with ESG reporting standards, disclosure requirements, and frameworks.

  • Automatically collect investor-grade data from your sites and suppliers.
  • Track ESG risks and performance in real time.
  • Streamline reporting operations with ESG standards-based data-collection forms.

Our customers and business stakeholders place high value on transparency in our products, practices, and partners, which are essential to the brand promise we deliver. Riskonnect is an important part of how we do what we do.

Chris Fox
Vice President of Corporate Social Responsibility
Hanesbrands Inc.

Get Better Visibility into Your Supply Chain

Are your suppliers exposing you to unexpected ESG risks? Riskonnect’s ESG software provides real-time visibility into ESG risks across your network of supply-chain partners to prevent unwanted surprises.

  • Map supplier relationships and connected risks.
  • Identify regulatory, physical, and continuity risk exposures in your supply base.
  • Continuously monitor risk with real-time alerts based on configurable thresholds.
  • Increase compliance in your supply base, and optimize performance with benchmarking and peer comparisons.
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Tell Your ESG Story with Credibility

Can you meet stakeholder demands – from investors, customers, employees, and more – for ESG transparency and accountability? Riskonnect’s ESG software pulls together all relevant information from wherever it currently resides into a cohesive ESG narrative that aligns with your values and strategy, as well as industry practices.

  • Centralize all of your ESG initiatives in one place.
  • Detect and manage ESG risk with artificial intelligence, integrated analytics, and customizable scoring.
  • Communicate transparently with stakeholders on your ESG performance and progress.
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ESG book - Taking a stand on ESG
Taking a Stand on ESG

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