API Integration Services

Riskonnect APIs help you unlock the power of your risk data.

Get data flowing. Break down silos and seamlessly integrate with any system inside and outside your organization.

Eliminate manual data entry. Import current and historic data directly into Riskonnect.

Improve risk analytics. Incorporate external data sources to add depth and insight to your analysis.

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Elevate Intelligence the Easy Way

Looking for the key to unlock valuable third-party data? Riskonnect’s API Integration Services seamlessly connects valuable external data sources to your own risk data to bring deeper intelligence to your decision-making process.

  • Easily access real-time data from trustworthy sources.
  • Improve the quality of your risk analysis.
  • Automatically processes data based on your schedule or when triggered by internal or external application flows.
  • Deliver efficiency, transparency, and automation to your risk management program.
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The ability of our [Riskonnect] platform to integrate and to use APIs to tie into third-party platforms to help us do the work and bring it all under one roof has been very beneficial.

Chris Henrichsen
Risk and Litigation Officer
Discount Tire Inc.
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Access a Treasure Trove of Data Right Out of the Box

Ever tried to bring in external data and integrate it on your own? Riskonnect’s API Integration Services automatically integrates real-time data from leading web-based applications – in cybersecurity, financial ratings, compliance, and more – to meet your specific business needs.

  • Bring in valuable data from external third parties, including applications in cybersecurity, financial ratings, compliance, and regulatory requirements.
  • Tap into both SOAP- and REST-based web-services models.
  • Manipulate large data sets with bulk API capabilities.
  • Integrate web-based applications in real time.

Make Better Decisions

How much time and effort do you spend trying to make sense of data from disparate sources? Riskonnect’s API Integration Services seamlessly connects previously siloed applications and functions for a holistic view across your organization.

  • Freely exchange data with HR, finance, and other stakeholders to embed risk thinking in all decisions.
  • Seamlessly connect risk data with enterprise reporting systems like Tableau and Power BI.
  • Eliminate redundancies, accelerate insights, and increase value.
  • Access the right data and content, with real-time integrations for better decision making.
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