Crisis Management

Riskonnect’s Crisis Management software helps you instantly turn plans into actionable checklists, mobilize your response team, and get stakeholders on the same page.

Manage incidents from anywhere. Use your phone or tablet to create an incident, activate response plans, receive notifications, and more.

Command and control an incident. Track actionable tasks to improve transparency and accountability.

Communicate securely with leaders and teams. Use encrypted chat to collaborate securely under any conditions.

Crisis Management Software professionals

Product Highlights:

Crisis Management Professionals

Instantly Put Your Finger on Critical Information

Struggling to find important details amid crisis chaos? Riskonnect’s Crisis Management software collects important – and continuously updated – information in one place so you can easily find exactly what you need.

  • Instantly notify plan owners and active responders when launching an incident.
  • Streamline tasks for individual contributors and minimize training using the “My Tasks” feature on the homepage.
  • Track notes, push files, share information, and tag others in discussions.

Minimize Downtime and Impact

How fast can you bounce back? Riskonnect’s Crisis Management software automatically connects your readiness activities with response activities to help you get back up and running quickly.

  • Use prepopulated incident templates to pull key data and contacts directly into the incident launch screen.
  • Use tags to simultaneously launch a suite of response plans during an incident, saving you precious time and effort of manually locating and activating plans one by one.
  • Instantly reassign the roles and responsibilities for owners that are unavailable.

Take Charge of Recovery

With so much going on, how can you possibly understand where exactly you are with your response and recovery efforts? Riskonnect’s Crisis Management software helps you keep tabs on everything happening and the current status to eliminate the stress of managing multiple people, plans, and departments.

  • Watch each team’s response with visual tasks bars that clearly indicate recovery status and outstanding problems.
  • Track how long each recovery task is taking and the downstream impacts of delays with built-in Gannt charts.
  • Automatically share situation reports with stakeholders – and remind owners to add updates.
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