Riskonnect for the Aerospace & Defense Industry

Riskonnect software gives you a single view of risk across your projects – and across your enterprise – for mission success.

The Aerospace & Defense industry faces some of the most complex risk management requirements. Projects need must be delivered on time, on budget, and perfectly to specification – without exception. At the same time, maintaining a reputation for performance excellence across the organization is more important than ever.

Do you know where your biggest risks lie?

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Turn Risk into Opportunity

Riskonnect can help you identify and understand the risks threatening the performance of your projects and your organization. With real-time data, streamlined workflows, and a 360-degree view of risk, Riskonnect gives you everything you need to turn liabilities into decision-making opportunities, clearing the way for mission success.

With Riskonnect Project Risk, we foresee a future where risk management methodologies will inform policy and investment decisions to accomplish fundamental safety objectives and successful missions.

Phil Napala
Office of Safety and Mission Assurance
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Everything you need to identify, manage, and mitigate risk is all in one, easily accessible place.

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Real-time risk data is delivered to all stakeholders so everyone can stay on schedule.

Deliver on time and on budget.

Riskonnect gives you the intelligence to identify and respond to evolving risk, stay compliant across the board, and make informed decisions that will keep your projects on track for successful completion.

Every Riskonnect solution is powerful on its own, but the real magic happens when you use them together.

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