Policy Administration Software

Riskonnect’s Policy Administration software helps you manage the insurance policy lifecycle, from inception through renewals.

Improve risk assessment for more accurate pricing. Create operational savings with embedded analysis of premiums, risks, and deductibles.

Deliver a better customer experience. Provide brokers, agents, and insured with self-service access to policy information and reports.

Easily configure new products and workflows. Streamline product design and automate labor-intensive underwriting tasks.

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Product Highlights:

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Empower Underwriters at Every Step

Are underwriters frustrated by the time it takes to find what they need? Riskonnect’s Policy Administration software is accessible and intuitive – which means fewer data errors and greater productivity.

  • Help underwriters quickly respond to customer and agent inquiries with instant access to all policy information.
  • Give underwriters better insight into risks with integrated analysis tools at the point of decision.
  • Minimize errors by guiding users through the data-collection process.
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Keep Up with Rapid Market Change

Does it take you months to launch a new product, amend rating factors, modify screens, or update policy documentation? Riskonnect’s Policy Administration software accelerates your speed-to-market with easy-to-use tools to configure products your way.

  • Design underwriting rules and workflows to support automation and straight-through processing.
  • Easily create and modify rate tables, formulas, and override factors for any coverage or line of business.
  • Adapt to market changes with low code/no code configuration tools.

Stay a Step Ahead of Changing Regulations

Are you inundated with new or changing regulations putting you at risk of noncompliance? Riskonnect’s Policy Administration software tracks upcoming regulatory requirements, so you know what to do to comply.

  • Consolidate all regulatory requirements in one place.
  • Streamline compliance with local, state, and federal mandates.
  • Lower compliance costs by eliminating third parties and transaction fees.
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The Complete Guide to Claims Administration Software

This guide will help you understand what’s possible with today’s claims management software so you can evaluate your options and decide what is right for you.

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