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Maintaining compliance with environment of care, accreditation, and safety is critical on many levels – from improving patient outcomes to maximizing reimbursement rates. But keeping track of what boxes have been checked, where there are opportunities for improvement, and what actions have been taken can be overwhelming, especially if you’re using spreadsheets or paper checklists. And anything missed could be costly to your patients, your reputation, and your bottom line.

Comprehensive and Configurable Audit

Riskonnect’s Rounding software easily creates, organizes, aggregates, and analyzes rounds completed by staff – then integrates and correlates the results with data from other sources for a comprehensive, actionable view.


  • Easily builds questionnaire templates based on your own requirements.
  • Uses question branching and simple dynamic logic to tailor question flow.
  • Provides a convenient, dedicated portal for easy access and maximum productivity.
  • Offers mobile accessibility for completing rounds on-the-go.


  • Provides access through the portal using a name and email address – no license required.
  • Automatically assigns responsibility and tracks the status of corrective actions and other tasks.
  • Scores questions and compares the results with other areas of the organization.


  • Shows results visually for quicker comprehension and action.
  • Records rounds conducted by individual departments or facilities and aggregates the results for deeper analysis.
  • Instantly notifies relevant staff about high-risk deficiencies.
  • Seamlessly integrates with Patient Safety Event Reporting, Patient Experience, and other Riskonnect software.

Riskonnect Rounding software can be used for:

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