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what is grc

What is GRC –
And GRC Software?

Governance, risk, and compliance – popularly known as GRC – is a set of processes and procedures to help organizations achieve business objectives, address uncertainty, and act with integrity.

GRC spans multiple disciplines, including enterprise risk management, compliance, third-party risk management, internal audit, and more. While each of discipline has its own priorities – and often its own way of doing things – GRC leaders are now recognizing the power of sharing data and intelligence to drive better results. And that takes today’s GRC software.


The Advantage of Connection

Riskonnect GRC software helps risk, compliance, and audit professionals share data, exchange knowledge, and collaborate on action. Our technology brings everything you need to manage risk and compliance into one place so you can understand what you’re facing, how everything interrelates, and the full impact on the organization.

Our GRC software is more than just a suite of products. Riskonnect GRC technology breaks down silos, automates manual processes, and improves communication across the organization. It has the flexibility to adroitly handle the unique requirements of each discipline, while seamlessly granting all GRC functions real-time access to complete and consistent data.

With Riskonnect GRC software, you can tap into the collective intelligence of cross-functional teams to make smart, rapid decisions that will reduce risk and set you firmly on the path to organizational success.

GRC software connection advantage

GRC streamline resources

Streamline resources.

Eliminate duplication of effort, which is time-consuming, resource intensive – and completely unnecessary.

GRC streamline resources

Connect the dots.

Take risk out of isolation with 360 degrees of real-time information.

GRC streamline resources

See the big picture.

Trade departmental tunnel vision for collective intelligence that delivers better results.

GRC software

A Platform That Paves the Way to Success

Riskonnect is a cloud-based platform that puts everything you need to manage risk right where you need it, when you need it.


Riskonnect’s GRC software connects people, systems, and data for the clearest view of risk.

Enterprise Risk

Combines insurable and noninsurable risks so you can anticipate, assess, mitigate, and monitor every threat from every corner of the organization.

Third-Party Risk

Collects all of your vendor information – including agreements, contracts, policies, and access credentials – into one place to efficiently monitor third-party suppliers throughout the entire relationship.


Aggregates all corporate and legal policies, procedures, and requirements from across the organization into one centralized location.

Internal Audit

Manages every aspect of complex audit procedures in one secure, accessible place.


Looking to draft an RFP for GRC software?

Start by downloading this list of the most critical GRC-related questions, which can be easily modified to suit your needs.