Emergency Notification

Riskonnect’s Emergency Notification software helps you disseminate timely and effective communications to protect your people and operations throughout the course of a crisis.

Reach the right people at the right time. Push tailored messages to geographic locations, facilities, teams, roles, and more.

Maintain communication no matter what. Access a backup channel if your primary communication channels are disrupted during an emergency or corrupted in a cyber event.

Reduce the administrative burden. Centralize readiness and response activities in one platform.

Product Highlights:

Keep Everyone in the Loop

Can you reach the right people exactly when you need to? Riskonnect’s Emergency Notification software helps you expertly communicate with your people, teams, and other stakeholders during a crisis or incident.

  • Send targeted notifications to the right people using contact tags that group your people by any criteria such as department or seniority.
  • Record the status and safety of your employees with easy-to-use survey response features.
  • Schedule notifications to ensure timely communication if you have people working in different parts of the world or want to deliver updates at a particular time inside or outside work hours.

Maintain the Flow of Information

Are you able to collaborate with ease and precision? Riskonnect’s Emergency Notification software helps you spread responsibility among your crisis management team and put the right information at everyone’s fingertips.

  • Decentralize the process of sending notifications by allowing plan owners or their designees to communicate directly with those named in a specific plan.
  • Collaborate with team members by adding a conference bridge to your message using the native, internal conferencing platform – or enter the details of the external conferencing platform of your choice.
  • Dynamically and automatically mirror contact information with IT and human resources systems to ensure contact information is accurate.

Understand the Effectiveness of Your Communications

Can you evaluate the success of your incident management program – and report the results to leadership? Riskonnect’s Emergency Notification software offers helpful dashboards that provide detail on the success of your communications.

  • Summarize delivery status and survey response details with the performance dashboard.
  • Pinpoint which sending methods are most successful for reaching your audience.
  • Resend survey notifications to recipients who have not yet replied to increase your response rate.
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