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Riskonnect’s flexible software has the highest end-to-end security to protect you and your organization

Shielding your systems from would-be hackers – while maintaining easy access for authorized users – requires unrelenting vigilance. Add to that the pressure of appropriately executing every new rule and regulation that involves IT. All it takes is one overlooked weak point to inflict major operational, financial, and reputational damage to the organization.

How do you maintain a good defense when the rules keep changing?

Privacy laws like GDPR and CCPA are just the beginning of tough regulations that slap violators with eye-popping fines. And every new law, business partner, or vendor opens the door to more system vulnerabilities. Complacency could cripple – or destroy – your organization.

Maintaining the status quo while hoping for the best is simply not an option. Keeping your company out of danger requires advanced measures and tools.

Do you have what it takes to you stay ahead of a constant barrage of threats?

Protect Yourself

Riskonnect solutions are built on a cloud-based platform with the highest end-to-end security. We protect your data with tight access controls, strong firewalls, and global data centers. And our infrastructure has been certified by independent third parties.

Riskonnect has completely changed my career.

Risk Logistics and Project Management
Albertson’s LLC
Focus on Intelligence, Not Administration

Free up valuable resources with streamlined processes, real-time intelligence, and automated alerts.

Find Every Detail at Your Fingertips

Instantly know where you stand with any internal policy, external regulation, or system access.

Reduce Your Exposure from Threats

Take human error out of the equation with automatic notifications, scheduled assessments, and continuous monitoring of all IT-related activities.

Every Riskonnect solution is powerful on its own, but the real magic happens when you use them together.

Conquering the New World of Risk with Integrated Risk Management

If you can’t see what’s coming, how can you possibly get ahead of it? This e-book explains what integrated risk management is, the advantages of taking an integrated approach, how you can get started managing risks holistically, and what you’ll ultimately be able to bring to the table.

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