Internal Audit

Riskonnect’s Internal Audit software helps you systematically evaluate the effectiveness of your risk management and governance practices.

Manage the end-to-end audit process from one place. Track every step of the audit process on a secure, expandable platform.

Quickly find – and fix – weak links. Address gaps in controls and compliance as they arise.

Give leadership data-backed assurance. Provide the C-suite with concrete proof that your brand, your reputation, and your finances are protected.

Product Highlights:

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Eliminate Inconsistent Standards and Controls

How confident are you that controls and assurances are uniformly applied? Riskonnect’s Internal Audit software uses consistent methodology to identify, assess, and address risks of all types, including financial, operational, IT, compliance, and more.

  • Seamlessly integrate data from multiple sources.
  • Automate workflows to accelerate the audit process and improve auditor productivity.
  • Eliminate duplicate data entry.
  • Create and send engagement letters.
  • Customize standards, assessments, and scoring methodologies according to regulatory requirements or your own best practices.

Always Know Where You Stand

Are your standards, policies, and requirements there for show or are they ingrained in your culture? Riskonnect’s Internal Audit software documents the full trail of audit activity, so you know you are actually doing what you say you’re doing.

  • See the current status at every step of the audit process – including remedial actions.
  • Customize dashboards to put the right details at your fingertips.
  • See the connections between risks, controls, assessments, accountability, documentation, and other relevant factors.
  • Automatically assign tasks and email reminders.
  • Identify emerging risks.
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Become a Trusted Advisor

Do you want to stay in the back office or emerge as the go-to resource for leadership? Riskonnect’s Internal Audit software helps you align audits with organizational goals and strategic imperatives – and provide timely, reliable insights that leaders need.

  • Provide secure access to all approved stakeholders from anywhere at any time.
  • Improve transparency and collaboration.
  • Use risk impact to prioritize actions.
  • Gain visibility into vulnerabilities and opportunities.
  • Easily build reports and presentations.
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Your Internal Audit Questions Answered

Internal audit software is a platform for systematically evaluating the effectiveness of governance and risk management practices. The software centralizes standards, policies, and requirements into one place and documents the full trail of audit activity. It improves decision-making by providing leaders with timely, reliable data-backed insights. Audit software can also help you identify and address gaps in controls and compliance.

Audit software offers a variety of applications – like audit controls management, audit findings, continuous controls testing, and document management – to help you maintain consistent standard and assessments and stay aligned with organizational goals.

The answer to this question depends on the number and complexity of your policies, controls and assurances. Companies with a limited number of risks and controls might find spreadsheets a perfectly adequate tool. As the number of controls, assessments, and compliance requirements grows, however, so does the amount of data and reporting needed to effectively manage governance.

You will likely benefit from audit technology if your controls, assessments, or policies are inconsistently applied or stored in many locations. Internal audit software helps you eliminate disparities, manage the complete audit process from one place, and document every step.

Riskonnect’s flexible model allows you to start anywhere and go everywhere. You can build a solution that fits your needs today – and easily add and upgrade as your business grows and changes.

Riskonnect is designed to seamlessly connect data from multiple sources inside and outside your organization. We also offer APIs (application programming interface) to easily import and export data and out-of-the-box integrations with specialized partners to help you get the most from your data as efficiently as possible.

Pricing depends on the size and complexity of the project and how much customization you require. We offer three industry-leading implementation options at different price points to fit your budget, while achieving your business objectives as quickly as possible.

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