Data Transformation Services

Riskonnect converts, integrates, and reports data.

Is your data holding you back?

Transforming and consolidating data from multiple sources in various formats into usable information – all while dealing with different regulatory reporting requirements – can be overwhelming. All that work drains limited resources, drags down productivity, and pushes up costs. And are you confident in the quality of what you end up with?

Data transformation services professionals

Data That’s Ready to Go

Riskonnect’s fully dedicated Data Transformation Services team can efficiently convert, consolidate, report, and extract data so you can focus on more strategic priorities while reducing operational costs, financial penalties, and potential reputational risks.

Our professionals are among the most knowledgeable and experienced in the industry, writing more than 500 new data conversions per year and processing 34,000 files annually, accounting for 150+ million claims from over 1,000 distinct sources.

We are the only one in the industry capable of cleaning data with both standard business rules and customization edits prior to implementation. Not only does this protect the integrity of information from the start, it saves you from having to fix bad data down the road.

Data is seamlessly and securely transported between organizations, carriers, and government reporting agencies so you can focus on more strategic priorities while reducing operational costs, financial penalties, and potential reputational risks.

Getting good data; that is the hardest part. What we really had to do is scrub our data, and the implementation team at Riskonnect did a really fantastic job. We scrubbed the data, and we spent a lot of time doing that and then getting it into the system. Riskonnect really helped us build a really good, robust hierarchy, which was important because we have a complex hierarchy.

Ken Rizzuto

Our Focus

Data Cleansing

Data Conversion

Data Processing

Custom Reporting

For Corporate Use

  • Converts, consolidates, and validates data from any source into the Riskonnect platform.
  • Validates data using standard or custom business rules, formats, and requirements.
  • Provides a library of hundreds of templates to expedite data conversions and increase accuracy.
  • Leverages advanced data-transformation tools that can automate both standard and customized processes.
  • Customizes data extracts to feed downstream systems.
  • Processes data according to your schedule.
  • Cleans data with both standard and custom business rules.
  • Monitors data security with regular SOC 1, Type II audits in accordance with SSAE16 and ISAE 3402 standards.
For Carrier / TPA Use

  • Aggregates complex data transformations consistently and uniformly across multiple disparate systems.
  • Configures workflows and automates checks and balances.
  • Performs complex data derivations, rules, validations, and suspense protocols.
  • Consolidates data from TPAs and submits NCCI and state medical data calls.
  • Supports carrier-specific reporting requirements
  • Combines and validates policies.
  • Creates custom extracts in your layouts, according to your business rules, for loading into your downstream systems.

Good Data Might Be Your Most Valuable Asset

Who gets coverage, what type of coverage to underwrite, and at what premium? Insurance carriers use data analytics to support critical decisions like these that have an enormous impact on their own financial picture – and yours as well. Good data puts the odds in your favor.

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