Policy Management

Riskonnect’s Policy Management software simplifies the administration of corporate policies and procedures.

Centralize the location of all policies and procedures. Create a single source of truth by storing all of your policies in one, secure place.

Engage, collaborate, and communicate with all the right people. Automate review and approval processes through repeatable, consistent workflows.

Establish a sustainably responsible process – and minimize cost. Reduce your environmental impact and support your ESG initiatives by eliminating paper and toner, while reducing storage costs of paper policies.

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Product Highlights:

Consolidate Your Policies into One Place

How are you supposed to enforce the rules if they are buried in paper documents, local hard drives, or shared files? Riskonnect’s Policy Management software is designed to simplify the way policies are tracked and managed, so everyone knows what is expected.

  • Collect relevant policy metadata, key dates, and other important information for easy reporting and filtering.
  • Establish consistency and accountability across policies, objectives, third parties, regulations, risks, and controls.
  • Maintain specific policy statements, along with associated files, versions, and attestation records and campaigns.
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Document All Policy-Related Activities

Are you exposed to greater liability because you have a mishmash of rogue or out-of-date policies that send conflicting messages about acceptable behavior? Riskonnect’s Policy Management software layers in out-of-the-box workflows and documents tasks, versions, approvals, and training, so you always know who did what.

  • Monitor exceptions, identify violations, and report on relationships for each policy.
  • Easily submit attestations and exceptions via a portal.
  • Centralize access to policies for easy browsing.
  • Facilitate training by associating questions and quiz elements according to regulatory compliance assessment structure.
  • Validate that respondents understand to what is being attested.

Streamline and Automate Policy Administration

How much time do you spend tracking down policies and verifying compliance? Riskonnect’s Policy Management software centralizes all key policies, attestations, and exceptions, so everything you need is right at your fingertips.

  • Filter by policy, regulation, domain, vendor, title, owner, and more.
  • Identify areas of with high exceptions and violations.
  • Promote better decision-making with customized dashboards and point-and-click reporting.
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Transform Compliance from Check-The-Box to Champion

Are you struggling to keep track of all of your policies and procedures? Download this e-book to learn how to stay on top of it all with ease.

Your Policy Management Questions Answered

Policy management software is a tool to track and administer corporate policies and procedures. It collects all policies, attestations, and exceptions in one location that’s easily accessible to all authorized users.

Riskonnect’s Policy Risk Management software offers a variety of specialized features and functions – like automated review and approval, attestation and training campaigns, violation and issue management, and a policy portal – to simplify the process and ensure consistency across the organization.

Corporate policies are created for a reason – to manage identified risks. But if expectations are buried in paper documents, local hard drives, or shared files, it can be difficult to enforce the rules about acceptable behavior, which exposes the organization to greater liability. One sign that it’s time to consider policy management software is if different locations or departments follow their own standards. Another indicator is if people can’t easily locate the current policy – or if they aren’t aware there is a policy at all. And if leaders are regularly asking for reports and insights that are difficult or impossible to produce, policy management software may be exactly what you need.
Look for policy management software that is easy to use, accessible, reliable, and secure. You should be able to layer in out-of-the-box workflows and document tasks, versions, approvals, and training.
Riskonnect is designed to seamlessly connect risk data of all types across your organization. We also offer APIs (application programming interface) to easily import and export data and out-of-the-box integrations with specialized partners to help you get the most from your data as efficiently as possible.
Pricing depends on the size and complexity of the project and how much customization you require. We offer three industry-leading implementation options at different price points to fit your budget, while achieving your business objectives as quickly as possible.
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