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Wendy’s Links WC Data in Riskonnect to WTW’s Risk IQ to Lower Costs and Boost Safety

DOWNLOAD THE CASE STUDY The Wendy’s Company had a wealth of claims data in Riskonnect, and Chief Risk Officer Bob Bowman wanted to unlock more intelligence from it. The key was connecting the data [...]

Life Sciences Industry Issue: Managing Certificates of Insurance for Clinical Trials

DOWNLOAD THE INDUSTRY ISSUE Any new medical device or medicine must undergo clinical trials to ensure safety and efficacy before it can be brought to market – and no clinical trial can begin without [...]

Navigating Troubled Waters: Red Sea Chokepoints and Effective Risk Management

By Andrea Brody, Chief Marketing Officer, Riskonnect Chokepoints in industry parlance are critical points or bottlenecks that constrain the flow of goods, services, or information. These bottlenecks pose significant risks – and costs – [...]

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