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  • Automated Risk Assessment Tools to Streamline Your Process

    A risk assessment identifies threats and determines the potential impact they may have on people, property, and operations. It is the bedrock of any effective enterprise risk management program. Yet without automated risk assessment tools, conducting your assessment can be extremely time-consuming and error [...]

4 Reasons Why Insurable Risk Should Be Part of Your Integrated Risk Management Program

by Andrea Brody, Chief Marketing Officer, Riskonnect Integrated risk management – IRM – is a comprehensive approach to managing risks across an organization. It involves identifying, assessing, prioritizing, and treating risks in a [...]

Navigating Digital Transformation Risks: How to Keep Your Business on Track

Digital transformation has become a necessity for organizations seeking to stay competitive and relevant. Leaders are investing in systems to boost efficiency, lower costs, and improve results. Machine learning and artificial intelligence are [...]

Redhand 2023 RMIS Report: How to Choose the One from 30+ Contenders

The just-released 2023 RMIS Report, published by Redhand Advisors, reveals that integrated risk management is continuing to gain popularity, as more organizations adopt a comprehensive approach to better manage risk and decisions. Organizations are also [...]

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