Redhand 2021 RMIS Report: How to Choose a RMIS Provider from a List of 32

The just-released 2021 RMIS Report, published by Redhand Advisors, reveals that the independent RMIS marketplace has grown at a faster rate over the past five years than at any time in its history. It [...]

Looking for a Healthcare ERM Solution? Make Sure You Get the Real Thing

By Jay Lechtman, Vice President, Strategy & Innovation, Healthcare Healthcare provider organizations (HPOs) are starting to recognize the value of consolidating vendors and implementing an Enterprise Risk Management solution that is both holistic and [...]

Is an Investment in ERM Software Worth It? Find out with the Enterprise Risk ROI Calculator

Boards and the C-suite may recognize that Enterprise Risk Management technology will provide better oversight and enhance risk management efforts overall, but still be reluctant to allocate budget. The challenge is defining and measuring [...]

Randstad Takes Riskonnect’s RMIS and Makes It Its Own

CHALLENGE After more than two decades with one vendor, Randstad found itself looking for a new RMIS solution and was astounded by the capabilities that were available with new technology. The company quickly identified [...]

COVID-19 Prompts Organizations to Rethink Enterprise Risks

Business Insurance, October 13, 2020 — The COVID-19 pandemic is causing organizations to reevaluate how they manage enterprise risks, experts say. The COVID-19 pandemic is causing organizations to reevaluate how they manage enterprise risks, [...]

Is an Investment in Integrated Risk Management Technology Worth It?

Risk and compliance professionals instinctively know that technology can improve efficiency and provide more timely and accurate data for insightful decision-making – but hard data on the expected return on investment has historically been hard [...]

Is Your ERM Program Truly Enterprise-wide? If Not, You Aren’t Alone

Many organizations’ ERM, enterprise risk management capabilities aren’t as integrated as they need to be, leaving them vulnerable to legal, financial, regulatory, and reputational risks, according to a new governance, risk, and compliance benchmark report, conducted [...]