Third-Party Risk Management

Riskonnect’s Third-Party Risk Management software minimizes your exposure so you can maximize your benefits.

Choose vendors with confidence. Know the facts about a vendor’s security status, financial strength, and level of risk before onboarding them to your company.

Build third-party relationships based on trust. Engage your partners in frank, productive conversations around your standards and expectations.

Keep important documentation ready-to-go. Rest assured that documentation and data are always updated and available when you need it.

Product Highlights:

Free Up Time for More Important Things

How can you understand your level of vendor risk if you spend all day sending and coding assessments? Riskonnect’s Third-Party Risk Management software is designed to take manual tasks off your plate, so you can focus your time on more important things like building relationships.

  • Automate workflows to save time and improve reliability.
  • Quickly onboard new vendors.
  • Turn around supplier assessments much faster, at a lower cost.
  • Easily communicate vendor risk profiles with clear, real-time reporting.
  • Better prepare for third-party churn and offboarding.

Because of Riskonnect, we were able to move forward with a new piece of business. We were able to expand operations team revenue growth – and increase vendor compliance. Onboarding is a very seamless process for our team and for our vendors.

Workers’ Compensation Manager
Stanley Steemer

Increase Visibility to Risk

How can you build a clear picture of third-party risk when assessments and documentation are inconsistent or missing? Riskonnect’s Third-Party Risk Management software gives you the ability to track relationships from beginning to end, giving you instant insights to understand the full story.

  • Get agreements, contracts, policies, and credentials all in one place.
  • Calculate risk scores for each supplier and automatically set reassessments.
  • Be audit-ready with easy-to-access third-party documentation.
  • Elevate your assessments with insight into your suppliers’ risk.
TPRM manager using a laptop
Third party risk management professionals shaking hands

Build Trusting Relationships

How well do you know and trust your vendors? Riskonnect’s Third-Party Risk Management software helps you establish strong, two-way communication with your vendors to build successful relationships based on mutual respect and a shared purpose.

  • Make fact-finding easy with consistent, coordinated supplier assessments.
  • Chat with suppliers in-app to get answers and check status.
  • Gain the appreciation of suppliers with our easy-to-use portal for submitting documentation.

Tell Your Story with Confidence

Can you get leadership the insights they need when they need it? Riskonnect’s Third-Party Risk Management software gives you real-time vendor insights in an instant. Never worry about data integrity or missing a deadline again.

  • Connect supplier data into a single source of truth to analyze, share, and collaborate around.
  • Build your own reports using an intuitive drag-and-drop interface.
  • See the detail behind the dashboard with one-click, drill-down capabilities.
Preparing for a Change in TPRM Technology

Download this OCEG playbook, sponsored by Riskonnect, to understand what currently works and what doesn’t to set yourself up for a successful change in third-party risk management software.

Starting an RFP process for Third-Party Risk Management software?

Download Riskonnect’s list of the most critical TPRM-related questions and customize it to suit your needs.

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Your Third-Party Risk Management Questions Answered

Third-party risk management software is a tool to protect your organization from third-party missteps. It streamlines and automates tracking and monitoring of third parties so you can quickly identify high-risk suppliers, collaborate on assessments, and focus your time on more strategic activities.

Riskonnect’s Third-Party Risk Management software offers a variety of specialized features and functions – like assessments, certificate management, and onboarding – to minimize your exposure to third-party risk so you can maximize the advantages.

Vendors and other third parties are critical to the success of many organizations – but they also pose considerable risk. Any risk – IT security, financial, supply chain – becomes your own. And the more vendors you have, the harder it is to keep tabs on it all. One sign that it’s time to consider third-party risk management software is if you work with a large number of suppliers. Another indicator that you need TPRM software is if you are struggling to collect relevant data or find important documentation about your suppliers. And if leaders are regularly asking for reports and insights that are difficult or impossible to produce, third-party risk management software may be exactly what you need.

Look for third-party risk management software that is easy to use, accessible, reliable, and secure. You should be able to easily make changes, create customized vendor questionnaires, build reports, and seamlessly communicate with suppliers without ever leaving the platform.

Riskonnect is designed to seamlessly connect risk data of all types across your organization. We also offer APIs (application programming interface) to easily import and export data and out-of-the-box integrations with specialized partners to help you get the most from your data as efficiently as possible.

Pricing depends on the size and complexity of the project and how much customization you require. We offer three industry-leading implementation options at different price points to fit your budget, while achieving your business objectives as quickly as possible.
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