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Riskonnect integrates experience, claims, compliance, and risk management to deliver better outcomes.

Healthcare provider organizations are under tremendous pressure to get it right every single time. But with fragmented, single-point systems, it’s a struggle to effectively manage patient safety, complaints and grievances, claims, litigation, and regulatory compliance – much less enterprise risk management.

Forward-thinking HPOs manage risk in a way that drives better outcomes for the organization, for employees, and for patients. Delivering safe, high-quality care while minimizing risk requires advanced measures and tools that can quickly pull all of the pieces together into one, cohesive story.

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Connect the Dots for Better Results

Riskonnect’s healthcare software allows you to seamlessly manage all of your safety and risk management initiatives from one place. The software tracks and manages everything related to patient safety, experience, provider quality, compliance, third-party suppliers, and enterprise risk. Complete and accurate information is all in one place where it can be easily shared across disciplines so issues can be quickly and effectively addressed.

Riskonnect has helped us exponentially. We don’t have to use paper forms anymore, which has obviously increased reporting because no one wants to print out a form and fill it out and hand it directly to the risk manager. I’ve gotten more reports in the last two and a half months than I have in the three years before that. We actually can use our data to improve things at our clinic. People are engaged. Patients are safer now. And our employees are safer.

Katie McKinley
Senior Clinical Risk Services Manager for UNT Health Science Center's clinical practice
HSC Health
Find Every Detail at Your Fingertips

Instantly know where you stand with any strategic or operational risk across the organization.

Focus on Action, Not Administration

Capture critical safety data quickly, consistently, and accurately.

Minimize Risk, Maximize Outcomes

Make intelligent decisions with built-in collaboration tools, automatic notifications, and point-and-click reporting.

Every Riskonnect Healthcare solution is powerful on its own, but the real magic happens when you use them together.

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Integrated Risk Management: Why High-Performing Organizations Are Taking the Leap

This e-book explains how integrated healthcare risk management technology can give you the view you need to succeed in the future.

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