Healthcare risk software that integrates experience, claims, compliance, and risk management


Healthcare provider organizations are under tremendous pressure to get it right every single time. But with fragmented, single-point systems, it’s a struggle to effectively manage patient safety, complaints and grievances, claims, litigation, and regulatory compliance – much less enterprise risk management.

Yet the ability to pull all the pieces together quickly is in everyone’s best interest.

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Connect the Dots for Better Results

Riskonnect’s Healthcare Risk software allows you to seamlessly manage all of your safety and risk management initiatives. It improves the accuracy, speed, and actionability of data, while reducing your vendor and third-party risk.

The software tracks and manages everything related to patient safety, experience, provider quality, compliance, third-party suppliers, and enterprise risk. Complete and accurate information is all in one place where it can be easily shared across disciplines so issues can be quickly and effectively addressed.

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Brings together traditionally insurable risks with strategic and operational risks into a single source of truth.


Captures critical safety data quickly, consistently, and accurately.


Uses sophisticated analytics to turn complicated data into easily understandable and actionable information.

Riskonnect’s integrated Healthcare Risk software connects people, systems, and data for the clearest view of risk.

patient safety software risk management

Riskonnect’s integrated Healthcare Risk software connects people, systems, and data for the clearest view of risk.

Healthcare Risk Software Riskonnect
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Aggregates all corporate and legal policies, procedures, and requirements from across the organization into one centralized location.

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Enterprise Risk Management

Combines insurable and noninsurable risks so you can anticipate, assess, mitigate, and monitor every threat from every corner of the organization.

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Patient Safety

Captures patient, visitor, and employee event data right at the source to quickly and accurately get information to those who can investigate, evaluate, and take action to improve patient outcomes.


Provider Quality Management

Tracks and manages the end-to-end performance-review process for healthcare providers, including compliance with accreditation requirements.


Risk & Insurance

Seamlessly consolidates data from multiple sources, automates routine processes, and uses sophisticated analytics to turn complicated information into actionable intelligence.


Third-Party Risk Management

Collects all of your vendor information – including agreements, contracts, policies, and access credentials – into one place to efficiently monitor third-party suppliers throughout the entire relationship.

patient safety software with reporting and analytics

Reporting & Analytics

Combines powerful analytics with intuitive and flexible report design tools to help you make better decisions around your patient safety, quality, risk, and claims data.


“What Riskonnect was able to solve for us was being the one-stop shop for our risk needs. We were able to go from disparate systems into a single source, which really standardized and streamlined our processes. Now we have clear insight into what our risks look like and what our incidents look like across the board.”

Sam Stribling - Application Specialist,
Hartford HealthCare

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