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Riskonnect’s healthcare risk software gives you the data and analytics to turn complicated information into actionable intelligence.

Do you have the visibility to effectively manage your risk and insurance programs?

When professional liability and medical malpractice claims and litigation are managed separately from quality and safety, it’s virtually impossible to identify — and address — potentially compensable events before they escalate.

And that can be costly – for patients, providers, and the organization.

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Product Highlights:

Claims Administration

  • Integrate people, systems, and claims data, and automates routine processes so you can focus on resolving even the most complex claims quickly, easily, and fairly.

Risk Management Information System

  • Seamlessly consolidate data from multiple sources, automate routine processes, and use sophisticated analytics to turn complicated information into actionable intelligence.
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Streamline the Risk Management Process

Riskonnect’s healthcare Risk & Insurance software helps reduce costs by consolidating claims information, integrating with quality and safety, and automating routine processes so you can focus on resolving even the most complex claims quickly, easily, and fairly.

Our software helps you improve workflow efficiency and outcomes by reducing clicks, automating tasks, facilitating reporting, and integrating with third parties – including EHR systems – for faster, more informed decisions.

Riskonnect’s healthcare Risk & Insurance software offers everything you need to get the job done not just faster, but smarter.

Seamlessly Integrate with Safety and Insurance Claims

  • Use an easy spreadsheet upload or automatic data service to quickly consolidate claims data from any number of sources.
  • Automatically reformat data for effortless reporting.
  • Ensure your claims information is accurate through better data capture, tighter integration with third parties, and automatic data validation.

Find Everything You Need at Your Fingertips

  • Quickly locate claims based on predefined filters, such as coverage, cause, state/province, loss date, create date, and claim status.
  • Track historical reserve and payment changes.
  • Group claims by allegation, similarity, event date, responsible department, specialty and more.
  • Locate data in one consolidated record, including financial, related parties, and communications.

Make Decisions Based on Facts

  • Compare like claims based on cause, nature of injury, coverage, and loss date for better understanding of the potential outcome.
  • Gain extraordinary insight into the entire claims lifecycle using embedded analytics.
  • Measure claims management effectiveness through dashboards and advanced analytics.
  • Use a single dashboard to view claims management activities and patient safety programs, including patient experience, patient safety, peer review, and more.
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