Operational Resilience

Strengthen your ability to prevent, withstand, respond to, and learn from operational disruptions.

Automate SMCR

How vulnerable are you to a failure of a business-critical activity?

Businesses everywhere are relying more and more on the support of technology and third parties to operate. While this support has encouraged innovation and growth, it also has sparked an increase in cyberattacks, technology outages, regulatory changes, and other disruptive activities.

Without an enterprise-wide approach to operational resilience, these vulnerabilities could bring your business to a standstill.

Protect Your Business

Riskonnect’s Operational Resilience software helps strengthen your ability to prevent, withstand, respond to, and learn from operational disruptions.

Currently available only in the UK, the software assesses and tracks the impact of a critical-business failure across departments and business units. It also tests real-life scenarios so you can hone your defenses.

Riskonnect’s Operational Resilience Software


  • Assigns ownership and sets criticality ratings for important business services.
  • Establishes impact tolerances for each service to show what the business could stand if that service was disrupted.
  • Tracks the value, duration, tolerance range, status, and date of each threshold.


  • Aligns people, processes, and systems required to support each critical business service.
  • Identifies key resources needed to keep each service operational.
  • Provides an end-to-end view of important business services.


  • Assesses resources and services using different scenarios.
  • Determines which scenarios result in impact tolerances outside the threshold.
  • Tracks vulnerabilities and applies learnings to build resilience.
maintaining SMCR

We have implemented Riskonnect’s ERM software and find it to be a flexible system. It has increased engagement from first-line users and senior management governance committees, and it allows us to make real-time decisions.

Karen Adams, Risk Manager, NFU Mutual
Operational Resilience – Regulatory Expectations, Challenges, and Opportunities
Operational Resilience Regulatory Expectations Challenges and Opportunities

Watch this on-demand webinar to learn about operational resilience, how it relates to operational risk, and how to leverage key requirements to better prepare for future disruptive events.

Building Operational Resilience in Financial Services
RK web Ebook Building Operational Resilience in Financial Services

Risk management plays a crucial role in any financial services firm’s plan for delivering operational resilience.

Download this e-book to learn how to achieve operational resilience in a changing world.

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