Implementation options that deliver faster time-to-value


Ready, Set, GoLive!

Riskonnect GoLive! offers two industry-leading implementation options designed to achieve your business objectives as quickly as possible.

With hundreds of successful implementations completed each year, our team has the experience to recommend the best path to success for organizations of your size and in your industry. Our goal is to reduce risk, drive quality, and ensure adoption for long-term success.

From initial kickoff to go live and beyond, we are dedicated to ensuring your implementation process goes smoothly.


Best Practice Configuration

Riskonnect’s Best Practice Configuration applies our collective experience from hundreds of customers to get you to go-live faster. This accelerated implementation approach sets you up for any necessary follow-on configurations and ensures complete alignment with the Riskonnect product roadmap.

The Best Practice Configuration approach:

  • Leverages industry best practices to get you to go-live faster – which improves ROI and drives user adoption.
  • Accelerates production usage of the software by your end users.
  • Taps into our library of integrated workflows, notifications, and process orchestration to streamline implementation while providing flexibility to tailor specific processes and functions to your needs.
  • Preserves platform integrity to ensure a clear path for future upgrades and enhancements.

Customer Configuration

Riskonnect’s Customer Configuration builds on years of implementation success to configure a solution specifically around your own integrated risk management needs. We apply our established methodology to align your business requirements and use-case sessions with the Riskonnect platform, so you can fully capitalize on the flexibility and functionality of Riskonnect products.

The Customer Configuration approach:

  • Allows you to specify your own business requirements.
  • Executes a clear four-stage methodology with objectives, activities, deliverables, and exit criteria specified at
    each stage.
  • Ensures that the configured solution maximizes the value to your organization.

Implementation Configured for Your Success

Both of Riskonnect’s GoLive! options leverage the same methodology. We can help you select the best option for your business objectives and timeframe. Here are how the two approaches compare.

How’s the View?
Our customers say it best.
“Creating an atmosphere where people feel they can communicate, where they won’t get shut down, and where they have input into the process throughout is critical to user adoption – and a successful implementation.”
– Kaiser Permanente