Risk Management Information System

Riskonnect’s RMIS system gives you the data, analytics, and insight to turn risk into a strategic advantage.

Focus your time where you can make a difference. Spend less time chasing down data and more time analyzing what it means.

Communicate effortlessly from the frontlines to the C-suite. Break down silos and seamlessly share always up-to-date risk data across the organization.

Make decisions with confidence. Turn complicated data into easily actionable information that you can trust.

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Product Highlights:

Reduce Costs AND Increase Profitability

Feeling the pressure to correctly anticipate what’s ahead – in less time with fewer resources? Riskonnect’s RMIS system seamlessly integrates people, systems, and data to help you make more informed decisions about risk. Your costs go down and profitability goes up.

  • Consolidate real-time risk data from multiple internal and external sources to identify trends, emerging risks, and opportunities.
  • Understand the relationships between critical risks and the impact on the organization.
  • Save time and money by streamlining and automating processes.
  • Gain strategic insights to optimize your insurance program.
  • Identify cost-savings opportunities that previously may have gone unnoticed.

Riskonnect has allowed us to embark on actions we’ve never had clarity on before. If no action is coming out of the data, what’s the point.

Trey Braden
Director, Risk Management

Find Instant Relief from Daily Pain Points

If you’re stuck tracking down information with endless back-and-forth emails, when are you supposed to figure out what it all means? Riskonnect’s RMIS system streamlines and automates routine processes so you can say goodbye to boring repetitive tasks and hello to delivering human-worthy insights from data you trust.

  • Automate routine tasks and eliminate duplicate work.
  • Capture data consistently and thoroughly with standard templates, intuitive forms, and auto-filled fields.
  • Minimize human error by guiding users through the data-collection process.
  • Send alerts, reminders, and progress reports automatically.
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Make Smarter Decisions Faster

Can you deliver the level of risk insight demanded by the C-suite? Riskonnect’s RMIS system gives you unprecedented insight into your risks and their relationships so you can quickly and confidently decide what to do.

  • Improve communication about risks across departments and with the C-suite.
  • Create easy-to-interpret reports that communicate a clear picture of your risks.
  • Seamlessly integrate data from carriers, TPAs, third-party vendors, and internal departments into one source of truth.
  • Generate market-ready reports with just a few clicks.
Risk Management Information Systems: The Buyer’s Guide

Whether you are purchasing a RMIS for the first time, replacing a homegrown system, or upgrading outdated technology, this guide will help you make a wise choice.

Starting an RFP process for a Risk Management Information System?

Download Riskonnect’s list of the most critical RMIS-related questions and customize it to suit your needs.

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Your RMIS Questions Answered

A Risk Management Information System – RMIS – is a software platform for collecting, managing, analyzing, and reporting risk, claims, and safety information. A RMIS brings all of your insured risk data together into one place to give you a clear view of your risks, the relationships, and the impact on the organization. It saves time and improves accuracy by automating tasks and streamlining workflows. It also can reduce the stress on the risk management team, risk exposure – and your total cost of risk.

A RMIS offers a variety of applications – like certificate management, claims management, exposure management, and insurance management – to make managing risk easier, faster, and more effective.

The answer to this question depends on the complexity of your risks and how sophisticated your needs are. Companies with a limited number of locations, employees, assets, insurance carriers, and reporting needs might find spreadsheets a perfectly adequate tool. As your company grows, however, so do the risks – and the amount of data and reporting needed to effectively manage those risks.

You will likely benefit from RMIS technology if you have multiple carriers or TPAs, are struggling to gather timely and accurate data, or are unable to easily produce necessary reports. A RMIS automates data collection and validation, so you can spend your time on more valuable, strategic tasks. A RMIS also gives you complete and timely data, which can help you make smarter, faster decisions to mitigate losses – and ultimately lower your premiums.

Riskonnect’s flexible model allows you to start anywhere and go everywhere. You can build a solution that fits your needs today – and easily add and upgrade as your business grows and changes.

Riskonnect is designed to seamlessly connect risk data of all types – insurable and noninsurable – across your organization. The software can handle vast amounts of data from numerous insurers/TPAs in multiple formats and currencies. And you can easily incorporate that data into your enterprise-level risk analysis.

Pricing depends on the size and complexity of the project and how much customization you require. We offer three industry-leading implementation options at different price points to fit your budget, while achieving your business objectives as quickly as possible.

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