Protect yourself and your organization with software that collects, assesses, and continuously monitors third-party credentials.

Today’s headlines are full of horror stories about data breaches, supplier mishaps, and privacy violations caused by vendors that resulted in major financial and reputational blow-back on the organization.

Are you next?

Vendors bring all manner of security and reputation-threatening issues to your doorstep. They are often the easiest way into your company. Those vendors may have sub-vendors of their own. And those vendors may have sub-vendors. The list goes on — bringing added exposure at every level.

Third parties can even pose a risk after the business engagement has concluded.

As corporate reputations become increasingly fragile to bad news, keeping your company out of danger requires advanced measures and tools. Maintaining the status quo while hoping for the best is simply not an option.

Protect Yourself

Riskonnect helps you understand your third-party risks, identify potential vulnerabilities, and respond quickly to any changes. Streamlined questionnaires, automated followup, and real-time assessments provide critical intelligence about your vendors. And the increase in efficiency saves you both time and money.

Focus on Intelligence, Not Administration

Free up valuable resources with easy-to-build questionnaires, real-time assessments, and automated follow-up.

Find Every Detail at Your Fingertips

Instantly access every vendor document and qualification vendor with a click.

Reduce Your Third-Party Exposure

Take human error out of the equation with automatic notifications, scheduled reassessments, and continuous monitoring throughout the relationship.

Riskonnect’s integrated risk management solution for third-party management professionals connects people, systems, and data from across your entire enterprise for the clearest view of risk.

Because of Riskonnect, we were able to move forward with a new piece of business. We were able to expand operations team revenue growth – and increase vendor compliance. Onboarding is a very seamless process for our team and for our vendors.

Workers’ Compensation Manager, Stanley Steemer

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