Riskonnect for Compliance Professionals

Riskonnect helps manage every aspect of compliance to protect you and your organization.

Compliance was once known as a check-the-box function, known more as rather benign law enforcement than anything else. Back then, fines for violations were generally small. Most companies simply shrugged them off as just another cost of doing business. Not anymore.

Compliance is now a critical component of an organization’s future. Fines today for noncompliance have reached eye-popping levels. Privacy laws like GDPR and CCPA slap violators with fines large enough to cripple an organization’s future – and the reputational hit can be just as damaging.

Would your organization survive?

Keeping your organization out of danger requires advanced measures and tools. Maintaining the status quo while hoping for the best is not an option.

Where will you be when all the finger-pointing starts?

Protect Yourself

Riskonnect can help ensure compliance with all internal policies and external regulations. Streamlined workflows, automatic assessments, and real-time data provide critical intelligence about all compliance-related activity from one, easily accessible place. And the increase in efficiency saves you both time and money.

Riskonnect has completely changed my career.

Risk Logistics and Project Management
Albertson’s LLC
Focus on Intelligence, Not Administration

Free up valuable resources with streamlined processes, real-time assessments, and automated alerts.

Find Every Detail at Your Fingertips

Instantly know where you stand with any internal policy or external regulation.

Reduce Your Exposure for Noncompliance

Take human error out of the equation with automatic notifications, scheduled assessments, and continuous monitoring of all compliance-related activities.

Every Riskonnect solution is powerful on its own, but the real magic happens when you use them together.

Compliance software E-book
Transforming Compliance from Check-the-Box to Champion

This e-book will help you transform your compliance function into a well-oiled machine that seamlessly integrates people, processes, and technology with data-driven visibility to champion the organization’s future.

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