Riskonnect’s cloud-based software puts everything you need to manage risk and compliance right where you need it, when you need it.

Software That Connects It All

Riskonnect seamlessly blends people, systems, and data from multiple sources so you can spend less time tracking down data and more time analyzing what it means.

Technology That Works for You

Operating on one of the highest performing PaaS and SaaS environments, our platform is unique in its ability to integrate insurable and noninsurable risks. Elegantly constructed screens and workflows keep you focused on what you need to do – and make it easy to get it done.


Get the answers you need on demand with virtually no wait time for queries, searches, or analytics.


Understand risks both individually and collectively at unprecedented levels with our unique risk-correlation engine.


Experience a consistently reliable system with minimal downtime and up-to-the-minute details on any planned maintenance.


Communicate seamlessly about critical issues with all internal and external stakeholders without ever leaving the platform.


Choose the applications that fit your needs today, and add more as your priorities evolve.


Access the software any time, from anywhere, on any device – laptop, desktop, tablet, or phone.


Work in 35 different languages out of the box – or customize your experience with more than 90 available languages.


Feel confident that your data is fully protected with the highest end-to-end security, which has been independently certified.

Your Foundation for the Future

Riskonnect seamlessly integrates independent components – applications, modules, devices, and more – into a common user experience for the greatest value in your integrated risk management journey.

“I can spin up a new view for a manager that’s very specific and custom to just that one individual. Riskonnect has resolved a myriad of problems.”

Richard Memmott,
System Administrator, Intermountain Healthcare

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