Risk Management Information Systems

Wendy’s Links WC Data in Riskonnect to WTW’s Risk IQ to Lower Costs and Boost Safety

DOWNLOAD THE CASE STUDY The Wendy’s Company had a wealth of claims data in Riskonnect, and Chief Risk Officer Bob Bowman wanted to unlock more intelligence from it. The key was connecting the data [...]

Life Sciences Industry Issue: Managing Certificates of Insurance for Clinical Trials

DOWNLOAD THE INDUSTRY ISSUE Any new medical device or medicine must undergo clinical trials to ensure safety and efficacy before it can be brought to market – and no clinical trial can begin without proper [...]

A Game-Changing Union: Market Leaders Combine to Bring More Value to the RMIS Market

Riskonnect recently announced the acquisition of Ventiv Technology to form the largest RMIS provider in the market, serving over 2,500 customers globally. The combination of both companies, both recognized as industry leaders in the [...]

Purdue University Uses Riskonnect to Protect Study-Abroad Students Caught in War Zone

DOWNLOAD THE CASE STUDY When Israel was attacked in early October, Purdue University tapped into Riskonnect to see exactly how many Boilermakers were in the area, check on their safety, and offer travel assistance. Purdue [...]

Streamline Your Return-to-Work Program to Get Employees Back Faster

A strong return-to work program that gets employees back to work after an injury or illness quickly and safely aids in employee recovery, productivity, morale — and your organization’s bottom line.Paper-based forms or overly complicated [...]

Redhand 2023 RMIS Report: How to Choose the One from 30+ Contenders

The just-released 2023 RMIS Report, published by Redhand Advisors, reveals that integrated risk management is continuing to gain popularity, as more organizations adopt a comprehensive approach to better manage risk and decisions. Organizations are also accelerating [...]