Business Case Template: Business Continuity & Resilience

Business continuity is more than making plans to deal with disasters and disruptions. It’s an integral part of a broader resilience effort – not just during a crisis but through all the ups and downs of normal operations. Yet many organizations do not view business continuity as a top priority, leaving the business continuity team with limited resources and time to accomplish what’s needed to make sure the business can bounce back from disruption.

Pairing operational resilience with business continuity strengthens your business case for investment in resources to connect gaps in your resilience with specific products and services, customers, and the marketplace. Measuring resilience based on customer pain and product/service availability also resonates powerfully with senior leaders who are most interested in keeping the business running along under any conditions.

This customizable template is designed to help you assess your current efforts and build a business case for investing in business continuity and resilience to protect your people, your brand, and your bottom line.

Once you have the necessary facts and can articulate the value, use that to cultivate support for business continuity among decision-making leaders across the organization.


  • What outside forces are ramping up compliance and reporting requirements for business continuity?
  • Who would be impacted by a disruption?
  • What would a disruption cost the organization?
  • How vulnerable are you to disruption?
  • What do you need to protect your business versus what you have?

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