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Compliance and Regulatory Management

Managing compliance and regulatory management in silos can result in uncoordinated efforts despite risk and compliance issues being intertwined and duplicate controls. This often causes confusion, inefficiency, duplication of efforts and remedial actions within one organization. That leads to wasted resources, such as employee time and budget allocations that could be better spent.

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Performance and Risk are Interconnected

Compliance and regulatory management programs often focus on a single governance, such as Sarbanes-Oxley financial controls, or address singular sources of risk, such as hazards like fires or earthquakes. A majority of compliance and regulatory management programs fail to meet goals and bring value to organizations because they do not connect the silos of risk management present in many organizations. They fail to improve communication around risks. They fail to understand the culture of the organization and the context in which its risks exist.

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Risk Management Culture

Embedding a risk management culture and risk awareness throughout your organization is imperative to the success of any compliance and regulatory management program. Technology solutions that facilitate this can propel your program to a significantly more mature level, while optimizing internal controls and improving compliance. Business decisions can be much more strategic and opportunistic when decision-makers can see the interconnectedness of risks.

Riskonnect = Integrated Risk Management

Through the seamless integration of all our solutions across the risk management spectrum, Riskonnect delivers the ability to practice true Integrated Risk Management to help drive strategic growth. Organizations can have confidence they have the right technology, systems and knowledge in place to look at risks holistically, providing the ability to anticipate, assess and minimize risks across the enterprise.

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