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Vendor Risk Management

Most organizations are heavily reliant on vendors to provide large components of their business —  from product to services and facilities. With this reliance, it is critical to identify the risks every vendor introduces with each engagement with an organization.

Vendor Management, third party management, 3rd party management

Identify Your Best (or Riskiest) Vendors


  • Alerts system identifies vendors potentially impacted by more than 45 event types
  • Expected impact of vendor loss can be auto-calculated
  •  Links to product and processes enables quick view of potential supply issues
  • Assessment process for vendors based on client’s metrics
  • Classification system to minimize unnecessary questions
  • GPS look up for locations
  • Can be extended for conflict mineral tracking
  • Can be linked to procurement, legal and accounts payable for consistent assessments and gate-keeping
Vendor Management, Third Party Management on Riskonnect RMIS


  • Identification of key risks in supply chain
  • Automated alerts if your vendors are potentially impacted
  • Reporting aggregates data
  • Simplified vendor risk assessment process
  • Early intervention when supply chain potentially interrupted
  • Supply chain insurance support

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