Our Platform Promise:

  • Riskonnect will continue to support and enhance the systems currently in use, while educating you on the full breadth of our capabilities.
  • There will be no mandate to migrate — and investment and upgrades will continue across all of our solutions.
  • Customers will continue to enjoy the same — or better — service and support through our dedicated Customer Success team.
  • Customers will have access to expanded capabilities in Integrated Risk Management, while enjoying the solution currently in use.

Integration Update & Plans

Product Launches

We’ve launched a number of new products focused on transforming the way organizations perceive and manage risk:

  • Third-Party Risk Management – To effectively collaborate with stakeholders for a timely review and monitoring of vendors.
  • Riskonnect ClearSight – To improve the user experience and expand allocations, asset management, and compliance management capabilities.
  • Riskonnect User Experience (RK/UX) – To adopt a leading-edge, modern user experience for risk management.
  • Healthcare: Automated Peer Review – To improve the efficiency and effectiveness of professional practice evaluation.
  • Healthcare: Clinical Rounding – To integrate safety, satisfaction, and environment of care (and more) round findings with the rest of your reported safety, quality, and patient-experience data to more easily identify relevant correlations and actionable information.

We have new products and releases planned:

We’ve launched a number of new products focused on transforming the way organizations perceive and manage risk:

  • Riskonnect GRC Suite Expansion.
    Riskonnect is developing several advances in Enterprise Risk Management, Vendor Risk Management, Internal Audit, and Compliance products to continue to expand end-user value through Integrated Risk Management.
  • Riskonnect ClearSight Spring and Fall Releases.
    The Spring release will continue to deepen the significant capabilities of the ClearSight product, followed by a Fall release with extensive new administration capabilities.
  • Riskonnect Integration and Regulatory Compliance Network.
    Riskonnect will release the next innovation in risk management technologies, including automated regulatory filings and an integration foundation delivering a complete web-services architecture for real-time third-party integration support.

We are making great progress integrating
Riskonnect and ClearSight technologies:

Early Integration Activities

We are developing services to integrate the Riskonnect and ClearSight technologies and offer customers more value, more choice, and more ways to grow with Riskonnect. First up is providing ClearSight users with seamless access to the GRC Suite of solutions, including Enterprise Risk Management, Vendor Risk Management, Internal Audit, and Regulatory Compliance.

Midterm Integration Activities

Across all Riskonnect modules, we place a high value on the end-user experience.  In 2017, we released the revised RK/UX user experience with tremendous advantages in usability, insight, and navigation.  Midterm integration activities are focused on expanding the use of the RK/UX experience across all solutions, including the ClearSight platform.

Riskonnect Insights and ClearSight Data Discovery offer the intelligence needed to power effective integrated risk management by surfacing, connecting, and communicating risk information in ways that drive faster, smarter business decisions.  Midterm integration activities are focused on providing a single harmonized view of risk data across all insurable and non-insurable risk, including ClearSight within the Insights offering.

More Great Advances on the Horizon!

How the platform will evolve:

The capabilities of all of Riskonnect’s offerings will continue to expand, with increasing interactivity across workflows, analytics, and end-user experience over time – all without requiring any migration activities for customers. Riskonnect will achieve this progress through the Riskonnect IRM service-oriented platform.

  • Riskonnect IRM will be a service-oriented platform and application suite that integrates risk management functionality and supporting services, including middleware and analytics to transform the way organizations perceive and manage risk.
  • Riskonnect IRM applications will incorporate best practices from across our 900+ customers and the contributing Riskonnect, ClearSight, and Aruvio technologies
  • Riskonnect IRM capabilities will be delivered within modules that can be used independently or in combination with integrated data management and analytics services.
  • The Riskonnect Risk Correlation Engine will provide customers with a view of risk never seen before, unveiling the impact of risk across the entire organization.