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Rounding is certainly an important part of safety and quality improvement, but many safety reporting systems can’t accommodate or help you automate the process because it’s not directly related to individual patients or events.

Riskonnect Rounding Management

Assess Compliance Efficiently

Riskonnect’s Integrated Risk Management platform allows healthcare providers to assign rounds to assess compliance with internal or external/established standards, efficiently record data and manage deficiencies and corrective actions for patient, visitor and employee safety, environment of care, accreditation survey (or continuous) readiness, CDC infection control standards and more.

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Dashboards on PC & Laptop for Global Integrated Risk Management Information Solution


  •  Assign rounds to staff members and track progress and completion
  •  Rounding forms are customizable and mobile-enabled
  •  Easily incorporate standard as well as free-text responses
  •  Automatic notifications can be triggered based on rounding responses if desired
  •  Rounding results can be easily analyzed
  •  Corrective actions can be automatically assigned and their progress and completion managed


  •  Improve rounding efficiency and effectiveness
  •  Manage your safety and quality related rounds, events, near misses and identified unsafe conditions in one system
  •  Save time, money and effort
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