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Peer Review/FPPE

Focused Professional Practice Evaluation (FPPE) is an integral part of ensuring provider competency which, in turn, helps ensure patient safety.

Ensure Patient Safety Through Automated Peer Reviews


  •  Create cases for
    • Peer Review
    • FPPE and OPPE triggers
    • New privilege requests for existing staff
    • New staff privilege requests
  •  Document monitoring methodology (chart review, external peer review, proctoring, etc.) and findings
  •  Customized progress bar for each review
  •  Customized triggers can be set to initiate case review
  •  Provider case review history accessible within each new case review for that provider
  •  Document related tasks (phone calls, emails), open activities and resulting actions taken
Dashboards on PC & Laptop for Global Integrated Risk Management Information Solution


  •  More efficiently and effectively manage FPPE, OPPE and Peer Review
  •  Conduct new cases in context with provider’s past review history
  •  Improve collaboration between medical staff services, quality and medical staff leadership while reducing the need for IT support.

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