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Does your peer review process lead to
actual improvement – or do the results end up stuck in a file?

The purpose of a peer review is clear – to ensure that patients get the best care and that medical practitioners do their best work. Done properly, peer review can improve the quality and safety of patient care, enhance overall clinical performance, and augment physician education. Instead of driving improvement, however, lessons learned from a peer review often end up locked away in a file – and that does no one any good.

Consistent and Comprehensive Peer Review

Riskonnect’s Peer Review software tracks and manages the end-to-end performance review process of medical practitioners for purposes of peer review, new privilege requests for existing staff, FPPE (Focused Professional Practice Evaluation) or OPPE (Ongoing Professional Practice Evaluation).


  • Initiates case review with automated, customizable triggers.
  • Applies consistent methodology to chart review, external peer review, proctoring, and more.
  • Shows progress bar for each review.


  • Attaches all relevant documents, files, and images directly to the record.
  • Searches by event, privilege, or staff member.
  • Provides direct access to case review history for better context.


  • Facilitates communication between medical staff, quality, and leadership, while minimizing the need for IT support.
  • Improves transparency among staff.
  • Protects your organization by ensuring cases are consistently evaluated across the board.
  • Seamlessly integrates with Patient Safety Event Reporting, Patient Experience, and other Riskonnect software to manage the complete incident lifecycle.

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