Problem: A large, urban school district needed a system to capture, monitor, and report on a wide variety of risk-related incidents and costs to ensure the safety of both staff and students.

The district was using a combination of paper forms and spreadsheets to track incidents and prepare reports. As a result, most of the information was either inaccessible on a districtwide basis, or it existed in a format that made it difficult to identify the cause of an incident – and impossible to track incidents across district schools. Complicating matters, the district had to track and report events in compliance with state and federal regulations governing school-related activities.

Solution: The district’s risk management department implemented Riskonnect ClearSight to track, monitor, and analyze all events that impact safety and cost of risk, including workers’ compensation, absence management, threats of violence, bus dispatch interruption, facility damage, and student accidents. Colleagues can enter the type of event and details directly into ClearSight as it occurs. Key internal systems – like HR and payroll – also are integrated into the system to facilitate comprehensive event management.

Results: ClearSight has helped the district clearly identify and understand all of the potential risks that affect its schools. The district now has a comprehensive, real-time view of losses by type and location. As a result, it has been able to develop targeted and effective loss-prevention activities that have helped significantly reduce all costs associated with risk.