Last week I shared with you that our “top secret strategy” for Riskonnect’s acquisition of Marsh ClearSight focuses entirely on customer success. To drive this, we need to put our customers in a position to scale as their own organizations grow and risk increases. This means keeping everything flowing smoothly without any distractions to a customer’s service or solutions. We are fully committed to delivering a positive customer outcome.  

Great, so how will Riskonnect and ClearSight products work together?

The short answer is, seamlessly and with greater visibility for organizations to perceive and manage their risks, with a focus on integration and not migration.

It all has to do with our proprietary technology and data—and how we will bring them together to link and correlate all of the risks an organization faces. It doesn’t matter which system—Riskonnect or ClearSight—an organization is using.  

It is through this layer of risk correlation that we create a single, unified relationship map of all of the key data elements related to risk: employees, consumers, properties, assets, key risk indicators, policies, procedures, action plans, controls, assessments and third parties.  

What is critical for customer success is to achieve resilience, control and visibility to all risks—and the new Riskonnect will deliver that and more through a focus on the customer and their need for integrated risk management technology.   


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