The ability to adapt to sudden, unexpected change has proven to be invaluable in these days of COVID-19 – and organizations are looking to risk management to lead the charge.

Before the pandemic hit, many organizations were reluctant to move away from the from their tried-and-true way of managing risks one by one, department by department. The crisis may have sounded the alarm on the danger of maintaining the status quo, but the glaring weaknesses revealed will not magically disappear when the coronavirus eventually runs its course.

Our always-connected world demands a similarly connected approach to risk management. Integrated risk management pulls together all risk information into one place so you know exactly what you’re facing – and can act quickly and intelligently. Trey Braden, director of risk management at Randstad, will share his experience in using RMIS as a springboard to Integrated Risk Management.

You’ll learn:

  • What integrated risk management is and why it’s important
  • How IRM technology provided the means to respond quickly in crisis
  • How Randstad increased collaboration and consistency by bringing other functions onto the platform
  • How Randstad leveraged IRM technology to break down silos, streamline processes, and provide critical insights to leadership.
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