Riskonnect, unique in offering its integrated approach to global safety, risk and compliance management solutions on the world’s leading cloud platform, is unveiling its new user experience at RIMS 2018. Inspired by feedback from customers and partners and leveraging the significant investments made in the force.com platform, Riskonnect designed the new user experience to accelerate user adoption, improve usability and increase productivity.

“Riskonnect revolutionized the risk management industry when we launched the first cloud risk management solution in 2007. We’re continuing to innovate with our new user experience, which provides business users with a modern, intelligent experience across every device,” said Roger Dunkin, vice president, product and development and co-founder. “Harnessing the massive investments made in Lightning within the force.com platform and critical end-user and practitioner input, this market-defining improvement enabled us to dramatically increase self-service capabilities for administrators and offer up to 40 percent increases in productivity for users.”

In addition to overall improvements such as a cleaner and more modern user interface, enhanced navigation, and increases in information accessibility, the new user experience offers Riskonnect users specific benefits:

  • Pathways make it easy for you to quickly see—and take—next steps to keep your critical workflow processes moving forward. Highlighting key fields provides you with helpful links, tips and other information so you know what to do next.
  • Visualize and optimize your workflow on the fly with Kanban View. Like sticky notes on a whiteboard, you can drag and drop records, group activities and tasks, and seamlessly create and edit lists.
  • Riskonnect’s already great Global Search just got better. Get top results and records faster.
  • Favorites let you quickly access important records, lists, groups, dashboards, and other frequently used pages in Salesforce. Similar to bookmarks in a web browser, your Riskonnect favorites will always be available to you, no matter where you access them.
  • Riskonnect already reduces mouse clicks. Now you can do away with them altogether with Keyboard Shortcuts.

The new user experience will be available in the fall release. Existing clients will have multiple options for activation—when desired—at no additional subscription cost.