Integrated Risk Management (IRM) simplifies, automates, and consolidates strategic and operational risk across the organization.

At Riskonnect, we have embraced the concept of Integrated Risk Management. We are currently the only provider in the market that provides a single integrated solution to manage the natural convergence of insurable risk management and operational risk governance and compliance.

Bringing all risks together makes perfect sense.  How else can you measure the causality and impact of one risk on another?  How else could you understand, quantify, monitor, and improve resilience as your risks become more and more distributed across systems, third parties, and geographies.

The Importance of Vision

When it comes to choosing a risk management solution provider, it is important to work with a partner with the right vision – a partner that views risk management as an integrated foundation for business success and can show clear evidence of leveraging leading technology to make that concept a reality.

A visionary risk management solution provider:

  • Understands its customers. A visionary partner listens to what you need now, foresees what you will need in the future – and can translate that information into products and services.
  • Focuses on delivering value over the long haul. A visionary partner offers a clear, differentiated set of capabilities developed with you in mind.
  • Invests deeply in a robust solution. A visionary partner allocates the resources to develop products with the right functionality, methodology, and features to support your current and future requirements.
  • Has the scale to support a customer’s vertical/industry strategy. A visionary partner can provide direct resources, skills, and offerings for specific market segments.
  • Invests in innovation. A visionary partner can marshal the resources, expertise, and capital to give you a measurable advantage.
  • Has the geographic presence to support customers both where they are now and where they want to be. A visionary partner can scale its support and delivery to match the dynamic environment and desired growth of your organization.

Riskonnect can help you use Integrated Risk Management to advance your risk management program by:

  • Unifying all of your risks – insurable and noninsurable – from across the organization
  • Adding automation to improve accuracy and consistency
  • Linking incidents, claims, risks, and controls to action plans
  • Providing the right metrics at the right time for the right insights to make the right decisions
  • Removing silos and building bridges

What could Integrated Risk Management do for you?