Morses Club is currently the second largest UK home collected credit lender with over 200,000 customers and approximately 1,900 agents. The company supports customers across the UK from a location near Leeds and a network of nearly 100 branches. The company markets a range of loan products through a combination of traditional and online marketing channels, most recently launching Dot Dot for customers who prefer to manage loans online.

Morses Club traces its history back over 130 years and entered the UK HCC market in 1997. The company merged with Shopacheck Financial Services in 2015, and it was listed on FTSE AIM on 5 May 2016.


As part of its corporate development, Morses Club decided to streamline its risk management approach. Morses Club needed a product that would move with them, be configurable, and be supported by a helpful team.


1Spreadsheet data was becoming quickly out-of-date.

2Unable to track data input.

3Reporting on data was too time consuming.

4Multiple users updating data at one time was not possible.

5Difficult to manage.


1Boosted productivity, allowing more time for data analysis.

2Streamlined the management and recording of information for Morses Club’s centralized risk database.

3Improved channels of communication across multiple business units.

4Easily recorded and processed all risk events in a consistent manner.

5Created visual representations of current risks to help the business make informed decisions more efficiently.


Riskonnect worked closely with Morses Club from day one to establish a positive working relationship to ensure that adoption of Riskonnect across the organization was a success.

Ongoing support and training opportunities are available to Morses Club and with an ever-growing risk management team, Riskonnect hosted a bespoke onsite training day at Morses Club for new practical users of the system.

Morses Club is an active member of the Riskonnect Customer Community, an online portal that provides customers with a valuable opportunity to ask questions and learn from other users’ experiences. Morses Club is also a regular and active participant at Riskonnect workshops, conferences, and user-forum events, during which they are directly involved in discussion around Riskonnect product development, based on their first-hand experience using the system.