Project Description

Fortune 500 National Healthcare Provider




Fortune 500 National Healthcare Provider


Ease of sharing and protecting insurance and risk management documents in a large, complex organization

Previous System

Microsoft Access, Microsoft Sharepoint, spreadsheets


The Risk Management group needed a better way of communicating and referencing project discussions, as many were happening via email or in person and were, therefore, not easily recorded or referenced.

Riskonnect Solution

Riskonnect system’s integrated communication tool – Chatter

  1. Chatter groups – discussion groups which can be restricted to ensure privacy
  2. Groups can be public, private or shared with external users, including customers and brokers, allowing participation in  conversations and collaboration and share document storage, revision tracking and ease of use
    1. Broker – KP Relationship
    2. Manager Roundtable
    3. Broker Relationship
    4. OCIP
    5. Strategic Risk Management
    6. Core Team
    7. Risk Managers
    8. Claims
    9. Renewals
  3. Better quality of information for users, who choose the information they want to receive
  4. @mentions send users notifications
    1. @mention: “We have policies posted in the Department Network drive and also in Riskonnect. Can we eliminate the duplicate upload to the Department Network drive and only upload to Riskonnect please?”
    2. @mention: “See the link for the Master, Term, Policy coverage covered in the meeting today. Changes currently in place in the Sandbox. Chatter your system request changes to @mention.”
    3. @mention: “Create a content pack to send to our auditors. We want them to see, but not download the files.”
  5. #hashtags increase searchability of conversation threads
    1. #ChangeControl
    2. #Training
    3. #Accounting
    4. #Contract
    5. #eBilling
  6.  Mobile capabilities, with Chatter app on mobile devices
  1. More selective and more pertinent information for users on Chatter groups
  2. Communication surrounding projects improved, as previous conversations became referenceable
  3. Less time spent repeating discussions
  4. Lessened response times to inquiries because of more focused and relevant use of @mentions and #hashtags

Improved collaboration in Chatter changes communication methods for both the Risk Management Department and the business, as conversation threads become easily accessible, searchable and referenceable.