Understanding how to use innovative risk technology is awesome. Understanding why to use it is out of this world.

KENNESAW,GA – February, 19, 2015 – Riskonnect, Inc., the leading provider of cloud-based risk management technology, announced today yet another first in the risk management technology market. Riskonnect University is poised to offer three designations to individuals who complete courses of study showing a progressive understanding of risk management in a modern global context. The program has six courses representing three rising levels of achievement, each equivalent to a 15-week college course on modern commercial insurance. Individuals who achieve the designation will improve their understanding of the principles and theories that drive the application of risk management in business from the viewpoint of the underwriters, risk managers, brokers, claims adjusters, CFOs, and risk analysts.

Robert Garrett, Director of Training at Riskonnect commented, “We are absolutely thrilled to present this offering. We feel that this adds another dimension to our already impressive product training catalog at Riskonnect University.”

“Riskonnect has a vision of advancing risk management through enterprise-class technology and education. We have already delivered innovation in risk management technology, and we continue to find new ways for risk professionals to grow their own risk programs beyond what they thought possible”, said Bob Morrell, Co-Founder and CEO of Riskonnect. “Since Riskonnect’s inception, we’ve offered educational webinars, and we’ve supported local and regional associations, such as RIMS, with quality presentations and educational opportunities. We then supplemented that and began providing courses designed to help Riskonnect users get the most out of their risk management work platform. Now we are delivering education to risk professionals on an entirely new level.”

Riskonnect’s new Risk and Insurance Designation program is the result of a collaboration with John (Jack) Hampton, PhD, who is widely known for his risk management expertise, for his commitment to educating the next generation of risk professionals, and for his contagious passion for the subject matter. When asked about his involvement in this new offering by Riskonnect University, Hampton said, “To use modern technology, such as the system developed by Riskonnect, we need to understand risk in a broad perspective. Hazard Risk, Enterprise Risk, Strategic Risk: each of these designations — HRM, ERM, SRM — is visible testimony that individuals who achieved them are pursuing risk management at its most powerful levels”. Dr. Hampton is a Professor at St. Peter’s University in New Jersey, and a principal in the Princeton Consulting Group. He was also Executive Director of the RIsk and Insurance Management Society (RIMS), Dean of the School of Business at both Seton Hall and Connecticut State University, and Provost of the College of Insurance in New York City.

Organizations were never offered advanced technology with extensive use-cases for risk management. They were offered limited systems that have now become legacy offerings.  On February 4, 2013, Riskonnect announced its one-of-a-kind educational offering, Riskonnect University, to ensure Riskonnect users are empowered to get the most out of their risk management work platform. In addition to the new Risk and Insurance Designation program announced today, Riskonnect University continues to offer learning opportunities specifically designed for clients and other risk and safety professionals who want to continue learning about the industry and new tools in the industry. For example, Riskonnect clients love attending the Advanced Business Intelligence Reporting class because it allows them to take their reporting and analysis to a new level within their organizations.

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