Riskonect ClearSight Spring 2019 Release includes four new capabilities, including the ability to accurately identify potentially adverse workers’ comp claims early in the lifecycle so action can be taken to improve outcomes all the way around.

The Workers’ Compensation Severity Models uses data from millions of workers’ compensation claims across a wide variety of industries to calculate a severity score for the financial impact of a claim, along with the expected duration. The models are integrated directly into a user’s workflow, making it easy to regularly view and update the score to capture any changes. Built from a combination of data analytics and industry expertise, the software also highlights key influencers related to the claim, such as age, gender, body part, and jurisdiction, for quick reference. Users can:

  • Make data-driven decisions about workers’ compensation claims.
  • Quickly mobilize the right resources to improve outcomes.
  • Focus resources on the claims where they can make the biggest impact.

Other new Riskonnect ClearSight capabilities in the Spring 2019 release include:

ClearSight GRC Integration allows users to quickly access Riskonnect’s full breadth of integrated risk management capabilities, including Enterprise Risk Management, Vendor Risk Management, Governance & Compliance, and Internal Audit.

Data Monitor tracks the flow of data into and out of the system to seamlessly integrate workflows with external systems and interfaces.

Goggles displays an organization’s critical risk information – incidents, claims, policies, action plans, weather data, and more – in a map format.

The release also adds numerous enhancements to the functionality of existing capabilities.  Please schedule a demo to see all of the new and enhanced features in Riskonnect ClearSight.