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Katie McKinley
Katie McKinley
Clinical Risk Services Manager


What is your educational background?

BA in biology with a minor in chemistry and Spanish
Master of Health Administration

Did you know you wanted to go into the risk profession? If not, what was your journey to get here?

No. My MHA internship was with my current company, analyzing provider compensation. Through that experience, my boss saw my decision-making skills and inherent calm in chaos. They desperately needed someone to head up risk management, and they offered me the job. I didn’t know what I was truly getting into, but I’m so grateful they brought me to it.

How long have you been working in the risk profession?

2.5 years

Has managing risk changed over the course of your career? If so, how?

Yes. COVID. It changed so much for healthcare.

What advice would you give to someone who is about to start their career in the risk profession?

Learn how to ground yourself in the chaos that might come your way. Also create habits early on that allow you time for the slow but important needs that seem to be in the background. Don’t let the tiny, in-your-face emergencies suck your time.

Do you have a personal motto? If so, what is it?

Did anyone die today? No. Then we are going to be okay.

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