What You Need to Know to Manage Climate Risk and ESG

Organizations in every industry are impacted by climate risk – from physical impacts like extreme weather, resource scarcity, and changes in consumption patterns to a growing web of ESG regulations and disclosure requirements.

Operators, insurers, and lenders are struggling to identify and manage their climate-risk exposure and operationalize ESG to drive decision making and business outcomes.

Listen to this on-demand session to hear ESG risk management leaders from Planet Home Lending, Slalom Consulting, and Riskonnect explain how to manage climate-risk exposure and embed ESG into your operations and supply chain.

You’ll gain insights on:

  • The accelerating regulatory environment for climate-risk management
  • Aligning your risk management capabilities to identify and manage climate-risk exposure
  • Operationalizing climate-risk management with technology solutions
  • Getting started on the process for your business and stakeholders


Christopher Joles , SVP Enterprise and Credit Risk, Planet Home Lending
Cindy Tam, Director, Global ESG, Slalom Consulting

Elliott Yama, Director, Riskonnect

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