Get a grip on intangibles

The pandemic has focused our attention on intangible risks as business models pivoted. But getting a firm grasp of the data remains a serious challenge.

The increasing intangible nature of the risk landscape is nothing new, and yet many of the exposures facing businesses today remain misunderstood and poorly served by traditional insurance products.

Latest studies show that intangible assets make up over 90% of S&P 500 companies, up from just 17% in 1975. With the pandemic seeing organisations shift further towards hybrid working patterns and becoming ever more digitised, our experts considered how risk professionals can better measure, manage and mitigate intangible risks.

This special report includes:

  • Expert view: Do you know your value chain
  • Ukraine reawakens business to the importance of political risk
  • Cyber and reputation: your top intangible fears

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Special Report-Intangible Risks

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